Process Infographic for manufacturing by dertypaws Creative
Process flow line illustration by Dertypaws Creative

Process Infographic Creation

This process  infographic was created to demonstrate how a process could be installed on a truck bed to provide mobility.

To create the infographic the client provided a simple flow diagram with processes and equipment identified.

The artwork was created in 3D initially in Blender.  The rendered model was  moved to  Photoshop where effects were composited.  Finally the image was  transfered to illustrator where final graphics and test were added.

We understand that when it comes to process design, every feature matters, no matter how small. That’s why we went above and beyond to create 3D models that capture the important details.

We are committed to providing our clients with an image creation service that of the highest quality and showcases your equipment or process.

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Modelled and textured in Blender.

Elements were rendered in layers to allow flexibility.

A video showing how the image was built up in layers and stages.  This approach allows the greatest flexibility to introduce changes and adjustments.