Specialising in explainer videos and illustrations for the scientific and engineering fields

Dertypaws Creative Studio makes explainer videos and illustrations

Dertypaws Creative is



A combination of many years scientific experience and technical know how means we are able to translate your project into high quality visuals.



We specialize in creating top-notch visual content for engineering companies and scientific research. With our expertise in the latest 3D technologies and software, we produce high-quality animations and illustrations that accurately depict complex engineering concepts and scientific research findings.



Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, and we work closely with them to ensure that their vision is fully realized. Whether your audience are industry professionals, or are unfamiliar with your technology we will craft a story that will connect with them.

Commissioning an Explainer Video


Providing a Brief

At Dertypaws Creative Studio we will work to make your vision.  The first step is to understand your product or service.  This involves you providing a description of it.  This may be a written description, sketches, CAD files ans nay other information you think would be helpful.  You may also have a specific look in mind for the project.  Useful prompts for that maybe images or videos.


Your Target Audience

You will have a particular audience that you want to communicate with and have identified where your going to communicate with them.  This may be print, social media platforms, conferences ect.


How it Starts

Taking all the information provided we will create a storyboard.  This will capture all scenes that will make up the animation. It will serve as the template for all the following work.  An example storyboard is here.


Whats Next

All the environments and equipment and characters are modelled. If there are special effects such as water, fire, smoke they are modelled.


Getting Things Moving

Equipment props and characters that are to move are rigged.  Animations are created. A rough animation is created to work out the timings, interactions and camera moves.


Finishing Touches

Lighting, final textures effects are all added. After final review the animation is rendered.


Movie Making

The rendered animation is composited, edited, narration and music are added.  Any additional graphics  are created.  The edit is reviewed then the animation is rendered.  If there are stills required they are rendered as well.

You can see a showcase of completed animation work here.

Combining a mixture of digital tools to create unique explainer videos

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