Specialising in engineering and scientific explainer videos

Design to Communicate

Chemistry illustration of different physical methods by Dertypaws Creative
receptor molecular structure binding digital 3D model by Dertypaws Creative

We specialise in creating explainer videos and illustrations  for the science and technical industries

A a science explainer, illustrations service we understand the importance of clear and concise communication in the scientific community, and our artwork is designed to help researchers, educators, and businesses effectively communicate complex information to their intended audiences.

Our illustrations and explainer videos are created using  digital techniques, ensuring that we can deliver stunning, high-quality artwork to suit any project or budget.

Our animations are a dynamic and interactive way to showcase scientific concepts and data, allowing viewers to explore complex ideas in an engaging and accessible format. Our team has experience working on a variety of projects, from educational animations for classrooms to promotional videos for businesses.

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3d animation of car driving in countryside by Dertypaws Creative

Car 3d animation

3D animation of person welding by Dertypaws Creative

Welding animation

3d animation of character in forklift by Dertypaws Creative

Forklift driving Animation

3d animation of a man using a wood saw by Dertypaws Creative

Carpentry equipment 3d animation

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