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Powerpoint presentation design services

We are heading into peak conference season and I have been helping designing Powerpoint Presentations. There is quite a bit of work involved in creating these but they are a fun challenge. Unlike many I try to avoid using generic clipart or stock photos. In my experience it takes a long time to find the right image and often fail to communicate what is required. They can disrupt the overall tone and look of the deck. Some may be trying to use AI generated images they fall short on delivering the tailored visuals required. Here is a look at the eclectic set of assets I created for a recent scientific presentation, each designed to support the content. Get in contact if you want to collaborate on your next Powerpoint presentation.


Custom assets created for each presentation

red blood cells


In order to keep the cost of design services as low as possible by default assets and rights  remain the property of Dertypaws Creative. If there is a specific asset you would like to use or wish to use it for some other purpose you can request the purchase of asset use rights.

All assets and animations were created in Blender.