2D Illustration

Bridge illustration

Illustration of Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin Back to portfolio
illustration of Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin by Dertypaws Creative

Fishing Village

Fishing Village Illustration   Back to Portfolio
fishing village scene illustration by Dertypaws Creative

Temple and sand

2D Animation of temple and sand desktop_macProject GoalA 2D animated gif of a temple with sand. View Moreperm_identityClientPersonal Project settingsSoftware Involved Photoshop painting and animation
ancient temple in the desert illustration by Dertypaws Creative

Hedgehog in Armor

Hedgehog in armor illustration desktop_macProject GoalA 2D illustration of a fantasy hedgehog character.  Brief was for a painting of a hedgehog paladin. View Moreperm_identityClientPrivate commission. settingsSoftware Involved Photoshop
hedgehog character in armor with sword illustration by Dertypaws Creative