Scientific figure preparation

3d rendering of molecular structures by Dertypaws Creative

A figure depicting multiple chemical structure elements interacting.

We work with scientists to showcase their research findings. 

We can create illustrations based on your notes and sketches.

Adhering to the journal you are submitting to guidelines we will create a draft image.  Your feedback will be incorporated and another draft created.  We will ensure the figures dimension, fonts line weights and resolution will meet the formatting requirements.

The final publication ready image will be provided in Adobe Illustrator and PDF file formats.  A file with art element, lines and txt on separate layers will also be provided.  This means you can alter the scientific figure for future publication or reuse elements in presentations.

Commissioned by client

  • Photoshop
  • Blender
DNA molecular structure double helix animation by Dertypaws Creative
receptor molecular structure binding digital 3D model by Dertypaws Creative
Scientific graphic design showing structure of fabric layers by Dertypaws Creative
neuron diagram by biological illustrator Dertypaws Creative