Game Promotional Art

Game devs need to develop multiple skills to get to that all important launch date.  Game promotional art is a critical part of the marketing mix. You want to ensure  maximum exposure for your title and communicate the most important elements of your game.  We will partner with you to create an art package that will do that.  We can create steam capsule art, marketing content and promotional art. We specialise in stylised and low poly 3D styles.

This promotion is an example of a title and promotion sequence created for a low polt game.  All the assets were created for the promotion(no in game sequences) but we are happy to work with any assets you provide.  All assets were modeled and animated in Blender and post processing in DaVinci Resolve.

Demo made as a pitch for a project

  • Blender
  • Photoshop
  • DaVinci Resolve
Video game promotional art
3D title text
Custom Asset Creation
Big bear destruction
More big bear destruction
recent animation work
3d low poly model of Town hall in Reykjavík. by Dertypaws Creative
Game art services Barbie's Tarkov's Dreamhouse
3d game art an animation of character in forklift by Dertypaws Creative

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