Tarkov’s Dreamhouse

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This is  a unique crossover journey that blends the thrill of Escape from Tarkov with the charm of Barbie’s Dream Home.  Upgrade and Survive: Join Barbie in her mission to enhance her hideout, turning it into a stylish, strategic safe haven. Follow her as she transforms walls, constructs fashion savvy survival stations, and gathers resources with flair, all while maintaining a touch of elegance.

Rest and Relaxation: Marvel at Barbie’s creativity as she transforms a corner of her hideout into a cozy rest space. Watch as she combines practicality with luxury, creating an oasis of comfort amidst the chaos of Tarkov.

Barbie’s Tarkov Adventure: From Dreamhouse to Battleground brings you a one-of-a-kind experience that seamlessly merges the intense action of Escape from Tarkov with the elegance of Barbie’s universe.

Tarkov’s Dreamhouse Infiltration: Where Tactical Realism Meets Toyland. Brace yourself for an unprecedented blend of the gritty Escape from Tarkov universe with the unexpected charm of Barbie’s Dream Home.

Personal work

  • Blender
  • Photoshop
  • DaVinci Resolve
Game art services Barbie's Tarkov's Dreamhouse
Pink flamingo floatie -essential for relaxing in the pool
God of War Kratos as a cat character illustration by Dertypaws Creative Illustration Service

Character illustration

Cosy kitchen illustration by Dertypaws Creative

Interior illustration

Animated water cycle explainer video by Dertypaws Creative

Water cycle animation video



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