Low poly Jungle Environment Art Video

This was a personal project to practice low poly larger scale environment art suitable for a game.  All the modeling and animation was carried out in Blender.  Texturing in Substance Painter and editing in DaVinci resolve. The trees were going to be present in the greatest numbers so were designed to have the smallest amount of geometry.  The next biggest consideration was the water.  As this was a stylised scene I choose not to make the water transparent but did want shading to suggest water movement.  A procedural shader was designed to deliver this.
The animation video  was captured in cycles with some post processing in Blender.  The final animation was edited in DaVinci resolve where sound effects and music were added to complete the atmosphere.
Grasses 3D models


Grasses were hand painted in Photoshop and textured in Substance Painter.  The elements were added to the terrain using Blender geonodes.

Wooden bridge over river 3d model


Water was shaded using Blenders geometry nodes to calculate proximity of objects to the water.  Water shader then used that output as a colour attribute to create ripples.  A wave  texture was also applied

Campfire with fish and cooking pot 3D model


Fire was created using a shader with transparency and animated with empties

Low poly Jungle tree 3d model by Dertypaws Creative

Tree Models

Tree models were modeled in Blender.  A high poly subdivided model was textured in Substance Painter and baked onto low poly version.   Bark was a procedural texture. Leaves were hand painted in Photoshop and textured in Substance Painter.  The final trees were 2000 faces.