Biological illustrator

neuron diagram by biological illustrator Dertypaws Creative

This diagram of a neuron is an example of the biological illustrations we create.

Most images are required for manuscript submissions to journals.

To commission an illustration a rough sketch of the process to be depicted is usually most useful.  We will confirm the target Journals submission requirements.

A rough sketch will be created to confirm layout.  With feedback a draft with all elements, colour, labels and arrow will be created.

When all details are agreed the final image is created.  Minor revisions are completed if required.  Illustrations are usually created in Photoshop and illustrator.  The final file is provided in illustrator and PDF formats.

Major elements, labels and arrows are seperated onto different layers so the image can be used other journal submissions, presentations ect.

Commissioned by Client

  • Photoshop
DNA molecular structure double helix animation by Dertypaws Creative
scientific illustration service physical chemistry by Dertypaws Creative an example of our Scientific Illustration Service
3d rendering of a scientific illustration by Dertypaws Creative
3d rendering of molecular structures by Dertypaws Creative