Explainer Video Service

Our Explainer video service

Empowering Science and Technical Communication Through Engaging Animations

Our Commitment to Science Communication

As a dedicated science explainer video service, we understand the importance of clarity and conciseness in the scientific community. Our aim is to help bridge the gap between complex information and your audience.  Researchers, educators, and businesses all find our animations,  serve as vehicles of clear and impactful communication. As a dedicated science explainer video service, we help bring clarity to complexity.

Precision in Creation

Our explainer video service use 3d digital animation and illustration so that we can deliver high-quality images to suit any project or budget. We use a mixture of 2D and 3D techniques and choose the most appropriate tools to deliver the required visuals.  Software includes Blender for 3D images and animations, 2D images can be constructed using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.  Editing is carried out in DaVinci Resolve.

Demystifying Complex Ideas

Our animations are a gateway to dynamic and interactive scientific exploration. They transcend the boundaries of traditional communication, allowing audiences to engage with intricate ideas in an accessible format. With our creations, concepts that once seemed insurmountable become stepping stones of comprehension.

Experience That Speaks

Our team has experience, earned through a myriad of projects. From enlightening educational animations tailor-made for classrooms to captivating promotional videos that drive businesses forward, we’ve embarked on journeys that span the spectrum of communication.

A Fusion of Artistry and Technology

Our animations are a dynamic and interactive way to showcase scientific concepts and data, allowing viewers to explore complex ideas in an engaging and accessible format.

Clear communication is a cornerstone within the scientific community. Our animations serve as tools for researchers, educators, and businesses to convey complex information concisely. By distilling elaborate ideas into visual narratives, we facilitate understanding for your intended audiences.

Empowering Your Control

The narrative doesn’t end when we complete our work. Should you desire it, we offer the opportunity to delve deeper. Source files are available, affording you the flexibility to make future text edits or format changes. This places the reins of creativity in your hands, enabling evolution as your project unfolds.