Holly motion design

desktop_macProject GoalThis was a personal project to create something to celebrate the holidays.  Blender 3.0 just dropped with alot of Geometry Nodes functions so I used this project to explore…
Christmas wreath holly and pine cone

Celebrating gatherings

desktop_macProject GoalCreating a short to celebrate folks getting back together and been able to resume all the celebrations that were halted during the pandemic. View More Videosperm_identityClientPersonal Project settingsSoftware Involved…

99 ice-cream

desktop_macProject GoalWanted to explore some effects that I had created for a client project so I created this short animation. View More Videosperm_identityClientPersonal Project settingsSoftware Involved Blender Photoshop Premiere Pro
99 ice cream

Water cycle animation as gif

desktop_macProject GoalA gif depicting the water cycle from mountains to farms, industry and cities and finally the sea. View More Videosperm_identityClientNot disclosed settingsSoftware Involved Photoshop
Gif of water cycle Dertypaws Creative