Technical Illustration

Landscaping Illustration

Back to technical illustrationsdesktop_macProject GoalA 2D illustration of a landscaping project. View Moreperm_identityClientCommissioned by client settingsSoftware Involved Photoshop

Scientific Graphical Illustration

Back to technical illustrationdesktop_macProject GoalA 2D graphic. View Moreperm_identityClientCommissioned by client. settingsSoftware Involved Illustrator Back to Illustrationdesktop_macProject GoalA 2D illustration of a kitchen interior.  Painted in Photoshop with soft shading.…

Scientific Journal Illustration

Back to Technical Illustrationsdesktop_macProject GoalA 2D illustration for a scientific journal article. View Moreperm_identityClientCommissioned by client settingsSoftware Involved Photoshop

Scientific article illustration

Back to technical Illustrationdesktop_macProject GoalIllustration created for scientific article View Moreperm_identityClientCreated for client settingsSoftware Involved Blender 3D Photoshop

Life-Science Illustration

Back to technical Illustrationsdesktop_macProject GoalA 2D Life-Sciences Journal Illustration View Moreperm_identityClientCommissioned by Client settingsSoftware Involved Photoshop

Cover Illustration

Back to Technical Illustrationdesktop_macProject GoalJournal cover illustration design View Moreperm_identityClientClient project settingsSoftware Involved Blender Photoshop

Water cycle animation as gif

desktop_macProject GoalA gif depicting the water cycle from mountains to farms, industry and cities and finally the sea. View More Videosperm_identityClientNot disclosed settingsSoftware Involved Photoshop
Gif of water cycle Dertypaws Creative