Technical Animation

Carpentry equipment animation

desktop_macProject GoalA scene exploring lighting options View More Videosperm_identityClientPersonal Project settingsSoftware Involved Blender Photoshop Premiere Pro

Welding animation

desktop_macProject GoalExploring lighting and effects to create mood perm_identityClientPersonal Project settingsSoftware Involved Blender Photoshop Premiere Pro

Geological Monitoring

desktop_macProject GoalCommissioned short showcasing Vista Engineering geological monitoring capabilities. Kept the same style as an earlier animation created for their services. View More Videosperm_identityClientVista Engineering settingsSoftware Involved Blender Photoshop Premiere…

Planet landing

desktop_macProject GoalA commission to explain a proposed process for engineering the surface of Mars or the Moon to allow the safe landing of other vehicles. View More Videosperm_identityClientTexas A&M University…
Construction Vehicle

Municipal Services

desktop_macProject GoalAn animation to display the numerous municipal services offered by Vista Engineering. They are based in Reykjavik and they wanted to include some local landmarks.  The scene includes Hallgrímskirkja…
Town hall in Reykjavík. Dertypaws Creative

Manufacturing process animation

desktop_macProject GoalWith a lot of focus on vaccines at the moment I wanted to create an animation that captured some of the hard work that was done and is still…
Robots performing task, Dertypaws Creative

Water cycle animation as gif

desktop_macProject GoalA gif depicting the water cycle from mountains to farms, industry and cities and finally the sea. View More Videosperm_identityClientNot disclosed settingsSoftware Involved Photoshop
Gif of water cycle Dertypaws Creative