Scientific Illustration

E-Bike product 3d model and animation

E-bike 3d model and animation This project was a 3d e-bike product model and animation. The ebike was modelled and animated in Blender. The editing was in DaVinci Resolve. The…
3D model and of E-Bike on a stage brightly lit with sunflowers

Scientific Figure Visual Design

desktop_macProject GoalA scientific illustration showcasing cutting-edge physical chemistry techniques We work with scientists from a rough sketch through different concepts to final designed figure. Back to Portfolioperm_identityClientClient work settingsSoftware Involved…
Science illustration of chemical analysis by Dertypaws Creative specialising in science explainer videos

Science communication graphic design

See more workdesktop_macProject GoalAn illustration created for a scientific journal.   A  2D and 3D graphic techniques were combined to create a visual that explains the materials functions and characteristics.…
Scientific illustration showing structure of fabric layers by Dertypaws Creative

Scientific illustration services – Chemical Structure

desktop_macProject GoalAn illustration depicting chemical structures interactions. Our expert scientific illustration services bring your complex ideas to life with stunning visuals. From intricate molecular structures to detailed drawings, we have…
3D rendering of a crystal structure by Dertypaws Creative

Product packaging render

Back to Portfoliodesktop_macProject GoalA product packaging render to showcase the products contents.  This render was to provide a summary of the kit contents. Some of the advantages of a 3D…
3d product pack shot by Dertypaws creative

Scientific equipment illustration

See more workdesktop_macProject GoalScientific Equipment Diagram We specialize in creating visually compelling scientific illustrations that accurately represent complex concepts and equipment. One of our recent illustrations is this image of…
d rendering of an scientific instrument diagram by Dertypaws Creative

Scientific Journal Illustration

desktop_macProject GoalAn illustration depicting multiple chemical structure elements interacting. This was created for a scientific journal article. Back to Portfolioperm_identityClientCommissioned by client settingsSoftware Involved Photoshop Blender
3d rendering of molecular structures by Dertypaws Creative

Life-Science Illustration

desktop_macProject GoalA biochemistry diagram of a neuron.  This was an illustration for a journal article.  The image was created in Photoshop incorporating all the clients required elements. Back to Portfolioperm_identityClientCommissioned…
scientific illustration of a nerve structure by Dertypaws Creative

Scientific Graphical Illustration

desktop_macProject GoalA 2D graphic created to display organisational connections. Back to Technicalperm_identityClientCommissioned by client. settingsSoftware Involved Illustrator
Digital illustration of a chart by Dertypaws Creative