Game Art Services

Tarkov’s Dreamhouse Infiltrationdesktop_macProject GoalIn a sea of countless games, standing out is the key to success. Our game art services are designed to provide your game with a spotlight it…
Game art services Tarkov's Dreamhouse

War Kitty

See more workSummaryA re-imagining of God of Wars Kratos as a puddy cat. This was a redesign of my Twitter avatar which I had for awhile.  The original design was…
God of War Kratos kitty illustration by Dertypaws Creative

Interior illustration

desktop_macProject GoalA 2D illustration of a kitchen interior. Painted in Photoshop with soft shading. See more workperm_identityClientNot disclosed settingsSoftware Involved Blender – modeling and rendering Photoshop – textures and final…
Cosy kitchen illustration by Dertypaws Creative

Water cycle animation as gif

desktop_macProject GoalA short 2D animation of the water cycle. This animation captures the different stages of the water cycle.  Starting with clouds dropping on mountains which flows in rivers to…
Animated water cycle illustration by Dertypaws Creative


A commission for character illustration of a Scriptor desktop_macProject GoalView Moreperm_identityClientPrivate commission settingsSoftware Involved Photoshop

3D Isometric illustration of gamer bedroom

desktop_macProject GoalAn isometric model of a fantasy gamers  bedroom. Part bedroom part art gallery. designed to client brief See more workperm_identityClientNot disclosed settingsSoftware Involved Blender – modeling and rendering Photoshop…
3D isometric model of bedroom , Dertypaws Creative

Scientific Artist – landscape design

See more workScientific artist -Landscape Designdesktop_macProject GoalAs a scientific artist the role requires combining facts and reference images and combining them to create a single image.  In this case a…
illustration of a garden design by scientific artist Dertypaws Creative

Sci Fi Illustration

desktop_macProject GoalAn animation merging 2D and 3D animation techniques. View More Videosperm_identityClientPersonal Project settingsSoftware Involved Blender Photoshop Premiere Pro
Star Wars Tatooine Suns scene with Luke Skywalker by Dertypaws Creative

Forest walk

Forest in Canada Back to Illustration