War Kitty

See more workSummaryA re-imagining of God of Wars Kratos as a puddy cat. This was a redesign of my Twitter avatar which I had for awhile.  The original design was…
God of War Kratos kitty illustration by Dertypaws Creative

Plant render

Back to Portfoliodesktop_macProject GoalAn illustration depicting plant growth phases. To explain the plant growth stages and how the soil is enhanced to support the unique requirements of each growth phase.…
3d models of plants at different growth stages by Dertypaws Creative

Interior illustration

desktop_macProject GoalA 2D illustration of a kitchen interior. Painted in Photoshop with soft shading. See more workperm_identityClientNot disclosed settingsSoftware Involved Blender – modeling and rendering Photoshop – textures and final…
Cosy kitchen illustration by Dertypaws Creative

Water cycle animation as gif

desktop_macProject GoalA short 2D animation of the water cycle. This animation captures the different stages of the water cycle.  Starting with clouds dropping on mountains which flows in rivers to…
Animated water cycle illustration by Dertypaws Creative


A commission for an illustration of a Scriptor desktop_macProject GoalView Moreperm_identityClientPrivate commission settingsSoftware Involved Photoshop

Landscaping Illustration

See more workdesktop_macProject GoalA 2D illustration of a landscaping project. View Moreperm_identityClientCommissioned by client settingsSoftware Involved Photoshop
illustration of a garden design by Dertypaws Creative


y CharacterBack to Illustrationdesktop_macProject GoalA 2D illustration of a fantasy character riding a goat. View Moreperm_identityClientPrivate Commission settingsSoftware Involved Photoshop
Viking warrior on a goat with axe illustration by Dertypaws Creative

Ben Bulben illustration

desktop_macProject GoalA 2D graphic illustration.  Created for a Christmas card. The mountain depicted is Ben Bulben in Co Sligo, Ireland.  The mountain has a very unique profile and is famous…
landscape illustration - Dertypaws Creative


Back to Illusstrationdesktop_macProject GoalAn illustration for a fantasy story. To set the stage for a story.  Painted in Photoshop. View Moreperm_identityClientPersonal Project settingsSoftware Involved Photoshop