Environment art jungle campfire

Low poly Jungle Environment Art This was a personal project to practice low poly larger scale environment art suitable for a game.  All the modeling and animation was carried out…
Environmental art Campfire cooking fish 3D model

Game Art Services

Tarkov’s Dreamhouse Infiltrationdesktop_macProject GoalIn a sea of countless games, standing out is the key to success. Our game art services are designed to provide your game with a spotlight it…
Game art services Tarkov's Dreamhouse

Car 3d animation

3D Animation of a Car desktop_macProject GoalTechnical processes and equipment animation Technical processes and equipment animation can be showcased using 3d animation. We can show internal mechanisms, slow down critical…
Showreel Dertypaws Creative 3Danimation

Holly motion design

Holly Motion Design desktop_macProject GoalMotion Design fun on a Christmas theme. This holly motion design short was a project to create something to celebrate the Christmas holidays.  Blender 3.0 just…
Holly motion design 3d render part of pine cone in starry background on snow by Dertypaws Creative

Celebrating gatherings Animation

A 3D animation celebrating gatherings desktop_macProject GoalA 3D animation created to celebrating gatherings after the world has halted. Creating a short to celebrate folks getting back together and been able…
3d render of pints of Guinness settling at party by Dertypaws Creative

Science Fiction animation – Star Wars

desktop_macProject GoalAn animation based of Star Wars and the Tatooine planet. This merged 2D and 3D animation techniques. This was all painted in Photoshop and broken out into layers.  Layers…
Star Wars Tatooine Suns scene with Luke Skywalker by Dertypaws Creative

3D Game Art

3D game art desktop_macProject Goal  This 3D animation was based on the game Escape from Tarkov.  The character and forklift were modeled and animated.  The background scenery is a mixture…
3d game art an animation of character in forklift by Dertypaws Creative

Carpentry equipment 3d animation

Carpentry equipment animation desktop_macProject GoalOur 3D animation services showcasing your services. This carpentry equipment animation captures a man operating equipment, illustrating how we can use 3D animation to explain and…
3d animation of a man using a wood saw by Dertypaws Creative

99 ice-cream Animation

99 Ice-cream 3D animation desktop_macProject GoalWe worked on a client project that required a lava like effect. This 99 ice-cream animation was created expanding on those effects. Working on the…
animation service- a 99 ice cream by Dertypaws Creative

Rewilding Promotion Animation

A summery short about a lawnmower and a gardeners choices . The little bit of the outdoors we may be lucky to own can help nature. Leaving a portion of this space free of pesticides and not cutting it back can create a space for bugs and plants and larger animals to have a chance to thrive.

3D render of a man on ride on lawnmower in a Garden and trees in sunshine - Rewilding Promotion Animation by Dertypaws Creative