Technical animation machinery

desktop_macProject GoalCreated this as a scene for BlenderArtists and Sketchfabs bcon22challenge.  Remixing the Blender3d 3.2 splash screen by (CC-BY-SA) Oksana Dobrovolska . Animated it in Blender after modelling was complete.…
oil rig 3D model

Car 3d animation

desktop_macProject GoalTechnical processes and equipment can be showcased using 3d animation. It is possible to show internal mechanisms, slow down critical steps and choose any angle to view the process…
3D Animation of car driving through autumn leaves

Welding animation

desktop_macProject GoalExploring lighting and effects to create mood Back to Technicalperm_identityClientPersonal Project settingsSoftware Involved Blender Photoshop Premiere Pro

Escaping from Tarkov Animation

desktop_macProject GoalCreated as a personal project to explore some animation work flows  and creating with minimal assets. Clients may have limited budgets and time so been able to have an…
escaping from Tarkov

Carpentry equipment animation

desktop_macProject GoalA scene exploring lighting options View More Videosperm_identityClientPersonal Project settingsSoftware Involved Blender Photoshop Premiere Pro

Rewilding Promotion Animation

A summery short about a lawnmower and a gardeners choices . The little bit of the outdoors we may be lucky to own can help nature. Leaving a portion of this space free of pesticides and not cutting it back can create a space for bugs and plants and larger animals to have a chance to thrive.

man on rideon lawnmower

Holly motion design

desktop_macProject GoalThis was a personal project to create something to celebrate the holidays.  Blender 3.0 just dropped with alot of Geometry Nodes functions so I used this project to explore…
Christmas wreath holly and pine cone

Celebrating gatherings Animation

desktop_macProject GoalCreating a short to celebrate folks getting back together and been able to resume all the celebrations that were halted during the pandemic. View More Videosperm_identityClientPersonal Project settingsSoftware Involved…

Municipal Equipment and Services Animation

desktop_macProject GoalAn animation to display the numerous municipal services offered by Vista Engineering. They are based in Reykjavik and they wanted to include some local landmarks.  The scene includes Hallgrímskirkja…
Town hall in Reykjavík. Dertypaws Creative