Scientific artist -Landscape Design

illustration of a garden design by scientific artist Dertypaws Creative

As a scientific artist the role requires combining facts and reference images and combining them to create a single image.  In this case a landscape designer required an image to convey what the landscaping work would look like when completed. The image had to be accurate and was based on the actual plans.  It included all the plant size and colour, the vegetable garden and sheds.  In the end it had also to be visually appealing to secure the support of the client. So no matter what the project as a scientific artist we will strive to meet your project goals.

Commissioned by client

  • Photoshop
Animated water cycle illustration by Dertypaws Creative
3D model and of E-Bike on a stage brightly lit with sunflowers
Cosy kitchen illustration by Dertypaws Creative
landscape illustration - Dertypaws Creative