My Story

This is where all the work is created – a desk and computer. Can give you all the technical specifications for this set up if you need them but I would like to think the most crucial part of the setup is the person in the chair. A bit harder to give all those specifications but maybe a little backstory might help.

Hello I am Laura Gilmartin. I make illustrations and short animations for folks. I enjoy creating things, challenges and learning new stuff and that is how I got here.

I started out as a research scientist and that meant I got to live and work in a lot of different places mostly in the US and UK.The last company I worked for in England went bust so I scrambled to find a role which I did manage to do in Bristol. There I was struggling to figure out what to do next and thought it might be a good idea to have a side hustle. I enrolled in a graphic design course at UWE but it did not go ahead for some reason so I enrolled in a life drawing class which it turns out was just what I needed.

In what was for me a very chaotic year it was a few hours each week of calm and focus. I returned to work in Ireland just prior to the economic crash in 2008. I had been involved in an an online concept art community and starting to get more serious about my art and about getting better. I made a commitment to practice every day drawing in the evenings after work and grow my savings. In 2017 I did a crazy thing and left my day job to spend a year practicing full time and then launched this business.

I continue to practice and learn. My combination of science and engineering knowledge, design skills and commitment have delivered multiple client projects.